Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Simak bin Kharshah Radhiallahu Anhu

Abu Dujana RA

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Birth: Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Simak bin Kharshah h was born in the land of Madinah Munawwarah and was thus amongst the Ansaar.

The Valour of Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhu:

Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhu was an exceptionally skilled swordsman and a gallant warrior. He held the honour of being conferred the blessed sword of Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ. In the battle of Uhud, he had produced a red Imaamah (turban) which he tied on his head. He then paraded onto the battlefield reciting the following couplets:

“I am the one who from my Khalil (beloved whose love has penetrated every fiber of my being, i.e. Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ) had taken a pledge, whilst we were at the foot of the mountain close to the date orchard.

The pledge was that I would never stand within the rear ranks and I would continue engaging the enemy with the sword of Allah ﷻ and His Rasul Sayyidina Muhammed ﷺ”.

When Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ caught sight of Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhu swaggering in this manner, He commented: “Allah ﷻ abhors such a gait, except on such occasions.”

In other words, when engaging the enemy, this pride is for the sake of Allah ﷻ and His Rasul ﷺ and not displayed for selfish reasons out of arrogance.

Tearing through the ranks of the enemy, whoever had the misfortune of coming under the sword of Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhu would be no more. He ploughed ahead until Sayyida Hindah Radhiallahu Anha (who was not a Muslim yet), the wife of Sayyidina Abu Sufyaan Radhiallahu Anhu, confronted him. Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhu raised his sword to strike her but restrained himself thinking that it was downright unbecoming of him to raise the sword of Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ against a woman (Al Bidayah wan Nihayah).

Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ gives his sword to Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhu:

Sayyidina Anas Radhiallahu Anhu reported that Allah’s Messenger ﷺ took hold of his sword on the Day of Uhud and said: ‘Who would take it from me?’ All the people stretched their hands saying: ‘I would do it, I would do it’. He, Allah’s Messenger ﷺ, said: ‘Who would take it in order to fulfill its rights?’ Then the people withdrew their hands. Sayyidina Simak bin Kharasha Abu Dujana Radhiallahu Anhu said: ‘I am here to take it and fulfil its rights.’ He took it and struck the heads of the polytheists. (Sahih Muslim, Hadith no. 6353).

Sayyidina Zubayr Radhiallahu Anhu narrates: “During the battle of Uhud, Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ took hold of a sword and announced, ‘who will take this sword with its right?’ I said, ‘I shall, Oh Rasullullah ﷺ!’ Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ ignored me and again announced, ‘Who will take this sword with its right?’ Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhu then responded by saying, ‘I shall take it with its rights, Oh Rasullullah ﷺ. What are its rights?’

Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ replied, ‘its rights are that you do not use it to kill any Muslim and do not flee the battlefield with it.’ Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ then handed the sword over to him. Whenever he intended to fight he would make himself distinguishable by wearing a red turban. I said to myself I shall watch him closely today to see what he does. I saw that he destroyed everything that he used the sword on.
(Haakim, vol 3 page 230, narrating from reliable sources as confirmed by Dhahabi)

Sayyidina Zubayr bin Awwaam Radhiallahu Anhu is reported to have said, “I was disappointed when I asked Sayyidina Rasulullah ﷺ for the sword and he did not give it to me, giving it to Sayyidina Abu Dujaana Radhiallahu Anhu instead. I said to myself, ‘I am the son of his Aunt Sayyida Safiyya Radhiallahu Anha and from the Quraysh. However, when I stood up and asked for the sword before Sayyidina Abu Dujaana Radhiallahu Anhu, Sayyidina Rasulullaah ﷺ gave it to him instead of myself! By Allah! I shall certainly watch him see how he performs.’

I then started following him. When he took out his red bandanna and tied it around his head, the Ansaar said, ‘Sayyidina Abu Dujaana Radhiallahu Anhu has taken out his bandanna of death.’ This they always said whenever he wore his bandanna. He then left with the following couplets on his lips (which meant): ‘It was with me that my good friend took an undertaking as we stood at the foot of a mountain among the date palms (The undertaking was) That throughout my life I should never stand in the rear end of the battlefield. So I shall now be using the sword of Allah ﷻ and His Rasool ﷺ (to fight the enemy)'”.

Sayyidina Zubayr Radhiallahu Anhu continues to narrate, “Sayyidina Abu Dujaana Radhiallahu Anhu killed every enemy soldier who confronted him. One of the Mushrikeen was such that (after searching for the wounded Muslims) he did not leave any of them alive. When this Mushrik drew close to Sayyidina Abu Dujaana Radhiallahu Anhu, I prayed to Allah ﷻ to let them confront each other. The two men then clashed and exchanged blows with their swords. When the Mushrik struck at Sayyidina Abu Dujaana Radhiallahu Anhu with his sword, Sayyidina Abu Dujaana Radhiallahu Anhu defended himself with his shield, which trapped the sword. Sayyidina Abu Dujaana Radhiallahu Anhu then killed the Mushrik with a single blow. I also saw him raise the sword over the head of Sayyida Hind bint Utba Radhiallahu Anha (who was not a Muslim yet) and then turned the sword away from her. I said, ‘Allah ﷻ and His Rasool ﷺ know best (who most deserves to be killed by this sword)'”.
(Ibn Hishaam, as quoted in AI Bidaaya wan Nihaaya Vol 4 Pg.16).

The gallant sacrifice of Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhu:

Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhu placed himself as a human shield in front of Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ whilst his back faced the enemy. With scores of arrows landing on his back, this dauntless warrior did not move an inch out of the fear of an arrow wounding Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ (Narrated by Ibn Ishaq, Zarqani Vol 2 pg 43).

Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ was Khatamun Nabiyyin (the seal of the Prophets). All the perfections of Prophethood were concluded upon him. Similarly, the attribute of love was perfectly concluded upon Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ whilst the trait of adoration was also perfectly practiced and displayed by the Sahabah Radhiallahu Anhum Ajmaeen. By Allah! The chronicles of Layla and Majnun pale in comparison to the love the Sahaabah Radhiallahu Anhum Ajmaeen had for Allah ﷻ, Sayyidina Rasulullaah ﷺ and Islam, and the untold sacrifices they endured in proving this love.

Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhu and his companions throw away wine:

It was narrated that Sayyidina Anas Radhiallahu Anhu said: I was pouring (wine) for Sayyidina Abu Talhah, Sayyidina Ubayy bin Ka’b and Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhum among a group of Ansar when a man came in and said: ‘Something new has happened; the prohibition of Khamr has been revealed.’ So we poured it away. He said: The only intoxicant in those days was Fadikh, a mixture of unripe dates and dried dates. And Sayyidina Anas Radhiallahu Anhu said: Khamr was forbidden, and most of their Khamr in those days was Fadikh.
(Sunan An Nasai, Hadith No. 5544)

The face of Sayyidina Abu Dujanah Radhiallahu Anhu shines during his illness:

Sayyidina Zaid bin Aslam Radhiallahu Anhu reports that when people went to visit Sayyidina Abu Dujaanah Radhiallahu Anhu during his illness, his face was always shining and radiant. When he was asked the reason for his radiant face, he replied, ”There are two deeds of mine that I have the most reliance on (that they will be a source of my salvation and because of which my face is as you see). The first is that I never speak what is not necessary and the second is that my heart is always clear towards all Muslims.”

May Allah grant us the true understanding of Islam and enable us to do true justice of being in the Ummah of Sayyidina Rasullullah ﷺ and instill the fear of Allah within us, آمــــــــــين.

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