313 Badar Sahahba

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He was born in Hadhramout, Yemen. His father was Amr al Bahrani. He left for Makkah after an incident between him and one of his fellow tribesmen.

His companions said about him: “The first cavalryman to strive in the way of Allahd is Sayyidina Miqdaad bin Al Aswad h. He is our hero and Sayyidina Al Miqdaad bin Amr was the one and the same person.”

The reason behind this was that he was in an alliance with Al Aswad bin Abd Yaguth when he came to Makkah and was thus adopted by him, therefore he became known as Miqdaad bin Al Aswad.

However, when the verse which abrogated adoption was revealed, he restored his father’s name: Al Miqdaad bin Amr. His father was Amr bin Sa’ad.


Whilst describing his appearance, Sayyiduna Miqdaad’sh daughter Sayyidah Kareemah k states that he was tall, of wheat complexion, had a large stomach, and had voluminous hair on his head. He used to dye his beard with mehndi which looked extremely beautiful. His beard was neither too long nor too short. He had black eyes and thin, long eyebrows.


His attitude during the battle of Badr will forever remain a thing of glory. It was a noble attitude, overflowing with Imaan and Yaqeen which made everyone desire that, “would that be I who had embraced this attitude.”

Sayyidina Abdullah bin Masoodh said “I have seen Al Miqdaad maintain a firm attitude and I was overtaken by a vicarious feeling to be in his place. This feeling enveloped me to the extent that I wished more than anything in the world that it would come true.” (Saheeh Bukhari, Hadeeth #3952)

As Sayyidina Rasullullahg left Rawha and reached Safra, Sayyidina Basbash and Sayyidina Adih turned up with the news that the Quraysh were on their way. Sayyidina Rasullullahg assembled all the Muhajirin and Ansar for a consultation. Sayyidina Rasullullahg alerted them about the departure of the well equipped army of the Quraysh. The moment Sayyidina Abu Bakrh heard this, he swiftly got to his feet and gracefully expressed his allegiance to Sayyidina Rasullullahg. Thereafter, Sayyidina Umarh stood up and he too brilliantly expressed his enthusiasm to sacrifice his life in the path of Allahd.

Thereafter Sayyidina Miqdaad bin Aswadh stepped forward and said:
“O Rasullullahg! Go ahead and accomplish what you have been divinely instructed. We are with you all the way. By Allah! We will never be like the Jews who told Sayyidina Musa Alayhis Salaam: ‘You and your Lord go to engage the enemy whilst we take a seat here.’ (We, on the contrary pledge to You): You and your Lord go and engage with the enemy and we will fight side by side with You.” (Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihayah)

These are priceless words and the envy of every Believer. To etch these words in gold is to cheapen them. Sahaba j walked the talk and lived these words with absolute sincerity. History has proven that Sahaba j lived these words till their last breath and etched them with their blood. Allahu Akbar!

According to a narration of Ibn Ishaq r, Sayyidina Rasullullahg made a special dua for the welfare of Sayyidina Miqdaadh after his selfless words of support. (Al-Bidayah Wan-Nihayah)

Sayyidina Al Miqdaadh was a wise and intelligent man. His wisdom was not expressed in mere words only but also in empirical principles and a constant unvarying conduct. His experience was the fuel of his wisdom and intelligence.


Sayyidina Jubayr bin Nufayrh narrates that we were once sitting with Sayyidina Miqdaad bin Aswadh when someone passed by. The person said, “Blessed are the eyes that saw Rasullullahg! By Allah! We dearly wish we had seen what you saw and were present in the gatherings you were present in!”

Sayyidina Jubayr bin Nufayrh says he had heard the man carefully and he was surprised when Sayyidina Miqdaadh became angry because the man had good words to say. Turning to the man, Sayyidina Miqdaad Radhiallahu said “what makes you people wish that you were present at a time that Allah ﷻ made you people absent from without you know what would have become of you had you been present then? By Allah! There were many people who were present during the time of Sayyidina Rasullullahg but Allah had thrown them headlong in the fire of Jahannam because they did not accept him and refused to believe him. Will you people not thank Allah ﷻ that you were born only knowing Allah ﷻ as your Rabb and believing in everything that Sayyidina Rasullullahg brought? (You were fortunate that) Hardships had been borne by people other than yourselves.”

“I swear by Allah! That Allah ﷻ sent Sayyidina Rasullullahg as a Rasul during a time that was more difficult and prevalent than any other time in which Allah had sent Ambiyaa Alayhimus Salaam. It was a time when the succession of Ambiyaa Alayhimus Salaam had long been paused and when people were steeped into ignorance, they saw no religion better than idol-worship. Sayyidina Rasullullahg arrived with a criterion that differentiated between truth and falsehood and even divided father and son.

The situation was so heartbreaking that a person whose heart was filled with Imaan had to see his father, brother, or son to live as a Kaafir knowing well that whoever enters Jahannam shall be destroyed. He was therefore unable to experience any coolness knowing that his relative is destined for Jahannam. It is about this that Allah says in the Qur’aan:

“رَبَّنَا هَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّيَّاتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْيُنٍ وَاجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِينَ إِمَامًا”

O our Rabb grant us the coolness of our eyes from our spouses and children. (Surah Furqan verse 74)
(Saheeh Ibn Hibbaan, Hadeeth #6552)


Sayyidina Abu Rashid Habrani Rahimahullah narrates that he once happened to meet Sayyidina Miqdaad bin Aswadh who was part of the cavalry of Sayyidina Rasullullahg. He was sitting on the box of a currency exchanger and because his body was sizeable, (he had put on extra weight in his old age), part of his body hung over the box. This was in Hims, and Sayyidina Miqdaad Radhiallahu Anhu was intending to march in Jihaad. Sayyidina Abu Rashid Habrani Rahimahullah said to him: “Allah ﷻ has excused you from Jihaad (due to your condition).” Sayyiduna Miqdaad Radhiallahu Anhu replied “The verse of Surah Bu’ooth (Taubah) has come to us in which Allah ﷻ says:

انْفِرُواْ خِفَافًا وَثِقَالاً

Proceed (in the path of Allah) when light or heavy (happily or reluctantly, rich or poor, in good conditions and adverse conditions) (Surah Tawbah verse 41) (Majma’uz Zawaaid)


Sayyidina Anas Radhiallahu Anhu reports that Sayyidina Rasullullahg appointed Sayyidina Miqdaad bin Aswadh as Ameer of a troop of cavalrymen. When he returned from the expedition, Sayyidina Rasullullahg asked him what he thought of being an Ameer. He replied, “I was helped to sit and stand (the men gave me great honor) to the extent that I feel I am no longer myself (my humility has been diminished).” Sayyidina Rasullullahg commented, “leadership is like that.” Sayyiduna Miqdaad Radhiallahu Anhu then said, “I swear by the being that has sent you with the truth that I will never again assume any post of leadership.” Thereafter he was never even seen leading salaah. (Sunan AnNasai, Hadeeth #2748)

If that was not wisdom then what else is? If that was not a wise man then who else is? This was an honest and straightforward individual who was able to detect, unveil and admit a possible danger to his sincerity. He at once took a solemn oath to avoid any position or rank that might jeopardize his piety and righteousness. He kept his oath and renounced any influential or controversial situation for the rest of his life.

He treasured the Hadith of Sayyidina Rasullullahg which mentions that “He who avoids fitnah is indeed a happy man.”


Once, Sayyidina Miqdaad Radhiallahu Anhu went towards Baqi, which is a graveyard in Madinah, to answer the call of nature and he entered a wilderness. Whilst sitting, Sayyidina Miqdaad Radhiallahu Anhu noticed a mouse. The mouse took out a dinar from a small hole and then went back into the hole and took out another dinar and continued to take out dinars until there were 17 dinars. Thereafter, the mouse took out a piece of red cloth. Sayyidina Miqdaad Radhiallahu Anhu states that he pulled the piece of cloth and found another dinar, and thus there were now 18 dinars in total.

He took these coins and went to Sayyidina Rasullullahg and related the entire incident and submitted, “O Rasul ﷺ of Allah! Please accept this as Sadaqah [charity].” Sayyidina Miqdad Radhiallahu Anhu submitted, “By Allah, Who has granted you honor by bestowing the truth upon you, I did not put my hand inside the hole, in fact, Allah ﷻ provided this for me just as I mentioned.” Sayyidina Rasullullahg said, “This is not Sadaqah; you can keep it and Allah ﷻ shall grant blessings in this wealth for you. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Hadeeth #3087)

Sayyidina Anas Radhiallahu Anhu relates that Sayyidina Rasullullahg once heard someone reciting the Holy Quran aloud and stated, “This individual has the fear of Allah ﷻ within him”. This individual was in fact Sayyidina Miqdaad bin Amr Radhiallahu Anhu.

May Allah also grant us the true understanding of Islam and enable us to do true justice of being among the Ummah of Sayyidina Rasullullahg and instill the love and fear of Allah ﷻ within us. Aameen

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