Introduction to 313 Badri Sahabahj. Series

All praise belongs to Allah who elevates and abases, gives and withholds, and does as He wills. May prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad g. —the one for whom the banner is raised, and the one by whom afflictions are staved off—and upon his family, his Companions and those who follow them with excellence until the Day of Requital. Allahf chose the Sahābahh of the messenger of Allahg> to keep intimate company with him. This divinely preordained bounty set them apart from the rest of humanity—after the Prophets—and made them the standard bearers of the Prophetic way. Whilst the collective sacrifices and favours of the Sahābah h upon the Ummah are innumerable, some individuals from this shining galaxy excelled in their services to the Deen of Allah and especially to the Ummah more than others. Amongst these champions of Islam were that group who stood and fought with Rasūlullāh g on the day of Badr earning status and prestige in the blessed court of Rasūlullāh g, as well as glad tidings from the blessed lips of Rasūlullāh g. GLAD TIDINGS FROM THE BLESSED LIPS OF RASŪLULLAHg Sayyiduna Abdullāh Ibn ‘Amr h narrates that Rasūlullāh Sallallāhug took 315 people and left on the day of Badr and made Du’ā’, “O Allāh, these companions of mine are barefoot, grant them conveyances. O Allāh, they are naked, grant them clothing. O Allāh, they are hungry, satiate them.” Subsequently, Allāh granted victory to Rasūlullāhg and the fighters of Islām returned such that there was none among them who did not have a camel or two. Also, they all got clothing and they were all satiated. [Abū Dāwūd] Sayyiduna Rifā’ah ibn Rāfi’ h narrates that Jibrīl q came to Rasūlullāh g and asked, “How do you see the participants of Badr amongst yourselves?” Rasūlullāh g said, “We count them to be the highest and best Muslims.” Sayyiduna Jibrīlq said, “Similarly, we also count those angels that participated in Badr.” [Bukhari] Umm al Mu’mineen Sayyidah Hafsahk narrates that Rasūlullāh g said, “I have hope that whoever participated in Badr and Hudaybiyyah, Allāh willing, he will not enter the fire.” I said, “O Rasūl of Allāh g, did Allāhd not say that, {none of you will be such except that he will pass over the fire}” Rasūlullāh gsaid, “Have you not heard that Allāh also said that, {then We will save those who adopted Taqwa.}’ One narration state, ‘Those of the tree that pledged allegiance (at Hudaybiyyah) under the tree, Allāh willing, none of them will enter the fire.” [Bukhari, Muslim] The following series is aimed at introducing to us these illustrious companions of g. Over the next year, it is our intention to introduce the ummah to these illustrious warriors that partook in the battle of Badr. Weekly / fortnightly we will send out a link (to our website) with a short write up of a different Badri Sahabih.. We request duas that we can complete this project with aafiyah.